Welcome to Avuzrigòth

This is the web address of the Avuzrigòth Minecraft Server

As of February, we've updated to the 1.16 Snapshots. We're now in an Amplified world in 1.16.

The installation instructions are fairly straightforward, you can find it here.

Any and all are welcome, though if your name is on the list, you get to start with a box of goodies.

The first project is to turn the village we started with into a towering castle, filled with glory.

If you've been directed here from someone sending a link, feel free to join our Discord channel, where we discuss all the things.

Discord Link

We have some Vanilla Tweaks on the server:

  • AFK Display - shows if someone's AFK for more than 5 minutes.
  • Custom Armor Stands - If you name a book 'Statues', you can use it to adjust Armor stands.
  • Double Shulker Shells - Shulkers drop two shells each
  • Dragon Drops Elytra - The Ender Dragon drops an elytra when killed. (That said, just tried it, and it didn't work)
  • Multiplayer sleep - You can skip the night with a single person sleeping.
  • Player Heads Drop - when a player kills a player, their head drops.
  • Redstone and Terracotta Wrench - You can craft a wrench that lets you turn redstone and terracotta blocks.
  • Silence Mobs - If you nametag a mob with 'silence me', it won't make noises.
  • Rotten Flesh to Leather - smelt Rotten Flesh to make leather
  • Craftable name tags - you can craft Nametags
  • Black dye with charcoal - You can use charcoal in place of black dye for some recipes
  • More Bricks - When crafting 4 bricks to make brick blocks, it gives you 4 blocks instead of just 1.
  • Universal dyeing - You can dye already dyed blocks, such as terracotta, concrete, and wool.

We also have laws that we've voted upon and decided make sense.

At some point I'll formulate these into a better document.

"For now, Just putting up a quick vote to see if everyon$ like or dislike the seed being released for the current world. Simply just state whether or not you want the seed public. Or if you are indifferent"

@everyone, alright, votes after one day are Yea, Yea, and Meh. So, the measure passes. Given that my schedule is whatever, and it's been so long since anyone's actually cared about the voting, I'm just gonna cut the votes short arbitrarily. So, if anyone wants to introduce a measure that actually determines the time frame, that might be a good idea. Seed is: 960570313